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The Jobcenter Landkreis Konstanz is a joint institution for the uniform implementation of basic benefits for job seekers, according to § 44 b SGB II. The agencies responsible for the Constance District Job Center are the Constance-Ravensburg Employment Agency and the Constance District Office.

The joint institution has a board of trustees. Representatives of the Constance-Ravensburg Employment Agency and the Constance District Office each have half of the members of the Board of Owners (§ 44 c SGB II). The chairwoman of the owners' meeting is Jutta Driesch (chairwoman of the management of the Constance-Ravensburg Employment Agency).

An advisory board (§ 18 d SGB II) is formed at each joint institution. The advisory board advises the institution on the selection and design of integration instruments and measures. The board of trustees appoints the members of the advisory board on the proposal of the stakeholders of the local labor market, in particular the voluntary welfare organizations, the representatives of employers and employees as well as the chambers and professional organizations. The chairman of the advisory board is Matthias Ehret.

The managing director manages the business of the joint institution on a full-time basis, unless otherwise stipulated by law. She represents the joint institution in and out of court. The managing director is Katja Lucas.

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