Rent / Housing

Accommodation is a room, apartment or house. If you pay rent for it, these are your costs (money that you have to pay) for the accommodation. This also includes the cost of heating (heating and operating costs).

Living for rent

In principle, the Jobcenter will cover the rent and heating costs to a reasonable amount.

These include in particular:
  • the basic rent
  • the service charges (excluding household electricity)
  • heating and hot water costs

The adequacy of the cold rent is based on the current rent ceilings of the district of Constance.

Please note:

The rental guidelines apply to apartments with kitchen and bathroom. For rooms in shared apartments with shared use of kitchen and bathroom, an individual assessment is made. If the costs for accommodation and heating are unreasonable, a cost reduction procedure will be initiated.

For more information, please contact the benefits department.

Ownership living

If you live in your own home, your job center can support you financially.

The Jobcenter will then cover the following costs:
  • Reasonable debt interest in connection with the financing of the property (no redemption installments).
  • Incidental costs e.g. drinking water, sewage, garbage fees, building insurance, property tax, etc.
  • Heating costs: e.g. fuel, heating maintenance
  • Costs for maintenance and repairs that cannot be avoided

The following also applies to residential property: The costs and the associated burdens must be reasonable.

Operating cost accounting and heating cost accounting

Additional payments from operating cost and heating cost accounts will be taken over as far as they are reasonable.

Credit balances must be reported to the job center immediately as a change.

Electricity costs

The monthly cash benefit also includes costs for household electricity. You must pay the electricity costs yourself. Therefore, the job center cannot assume any additional payments for household electricity.

To whom will the costs for my accommodation be transferred?

The money for your accommodation and the heating costs will be transferred to the account specified in the application. You then pay the rent to your landlord yourself, because you are the only party to the rental agreement.
It is important that you also use the money for this purpose. In exceptional cases, the Jobcenter can also pay the rent directly to the landlord. This occurs, for example, if you have rent debts.

If you have any questions, please contact your benefits department.

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