Equal opportunities

The Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunities is committed to all people who receive unemployment benefit II.
Everyone should have better opportunities on the labor market and become independent of the job center.

Goals of the Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunities are to
  • To avoid disadvantage in the labor market
  • reduce barriers to finding a job
  • to make better use of existing skills for the labor market
  • to increase job opportunities through training, qualification

The Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunities:

Informed and supported
  • Job seekers and the unemployed on vocational support opportunities
  • Parents / single parents on the subject of qualification and professional re-entry during or after a family break
  • Interested parties with questions on equal opportunities in everyday working life
Main topics are
  • Good opportunities in professional life through training and continuing education on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • Strategies for a better balance between job, career & family
  • Fewer mini-jobs and more job opportunities part-time or full-time
It organizes and accompanies
  • Information events
  • Working groups
  • Individual and group consultations
Career entry or re-entry
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Part-time training and continuing education
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Single parent
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Calendar of events
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Further information, help, advice centers
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