Self-employed persons may have a supplementary claim to unemployment benefit II.

A specialized team of case workers and integration specialists is responsible for this. This team is based in the Constance office.

Income and expenditure

The starting point for calculating the entitlement to benefits is the operating income. This income is compared to the actual operating expenses. Tax law does not apply here. Avoidable and unreasonable expenses are not taken into account in whole or in part. According to the law, everyone is obliged to reduce his need for assistance. Self-employed persons must use all possibilities to avoid or optimize costs.


Unemployment benefit II is usually provisionally approved for six months. The basis for the calculation is a forecast of the expected business income and expenses.

Use the form EKS for this forecast (estimate for the future). You must also submit evidence to support the information (e.g. rental agreements for commercial premises, employment contracts, business management evaluations, etc.).

After the end of the approval period, as a self-employed person you must provide evidence of the actual business income and expenses. To do this, use the form EKS again.

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