Request vacation

As soon as you have filed your application for unemployment benefit II, you undertake to be available in person and by mail. This availability is important that we can advise them.

What you need to consider

If you do not travel for more than 21 calendar days, your entitlement to unemployment benefit II including your health insurance remains. Weekends or public holidays are also counted.

Before the trip, you must apply for your absence at the job center. Only after you have received the approval from us, you can start your trip without endangering your unemployment benefit II claim.

In special cases, you may stay away from your place of residence for up to 6 weeks at a time without ending your unemployment benefit II claim. However, please note: Even in this case, you will no longer receive benefits after 21 days.

The day after your return, you must report back to the Job Center.

If you would like to apply for an absence, contact us in good time.

We need the following information to process the application:
  • Your customer number
  • Day of departure
  • Day of return
  • Indication of the family members traveling with you

You can reach us by phone at 07531 36336-0 or make an appointment.

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