Youth mediation offer

  • Vocational orientation
  • Job application coaching
  • Reimbursement of application costs and travel expenses to job interviews
  • Training preparation
  • Training and job placement
  • Help with problems at school or during training
  • Placement in job opportunities
  • Acquisition of school-leaving qualifications
  • Further vocational training
  • Utilization of our network work with, among others, youth vocational assistance and vocational counseling

Cooperation with the vocational guidance of the employment agency

You don't know which of the 324 professions you want to pursue or which of the 20,000 courses of study you should take? Then you can get help from us.

We put you in touch with the experts at the career counseling service (Agentur für Arbeit).

What exactly awaits you in career counseling ?
  • You receive information about career opportunities and answers to all questions about career and study choices
  • They inform your parents
  • They arrange vocational training positions and study offers for you
  • You get support in finding alternatives if it does not work out with the apprenticeship, the secondary school or the studies
  • You will receive advice if you drop out of training or studies
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