Changes in you

Change of bank details

Submit the following documents for this purpose:
  • complete filled and signed Attachment VÄM (especially point 5.)
  • Proof of your new bank account (e.g. bank opening decision, copy of the new bank card,...)

The notification must always be made in writing with a signature. An e-mail is not sufficient.


You would like to move?

Please also note the information on the subject of relocation.

Basically, these documents are required:
  • Request for Assurance to move
  • copy of the rental offer
  • written reason why you want to move

Before signing a new lease, the Job Center's assurance must be obtained.

Change in your community of need

Have any changes occurred in your family? E.g. people have moved in or out, birth, etc.

The following documents are required:
  • fully completed and signed attachment VÄM
  • depending on the change: e.g. copy of birth, marriage or death certificate, registration certificate
  • when a partner moves in, the attachments are additionally WEP and EK to be filled in. Submit the required evidence for this. In addition, an identification document and a copy of the health card are required.


Are you or a family member taking a job?

Submit the following documents:
  • fully completed and signed attachment VÄM
  • Copy of the employment contract
  • Copy of the pay slips
  • Bank statement showing payment of wages or
  • A copy of the receipt (in case of cash payment)

Always notify us immediately if you start working. Otherwise, benefits may be reclaimed.

Work assignment / termination

Have you or a family member quit a job?

Then submit the following documents:
  • fully completed and signed attachment VÄM
  • Proof of termination (e.g. notice of termination, termination agreement, etc. in copy)
  • Copy of the last pay slip
  • Bank statement showing the wage payment or
  • Receipt in copy (in case of cash payment)

Please have your claims for unemployment benefits checked

Change of tax class

  • Has your tax bracket changed?

Then submit proof of this (e.g. copy of tax assessment, notice from the tax office, etc.).

One-time or irregular income

Did you receive a one-time payment?
  • e.g. Christmas bonus, vacation pay, tax refunds, dividends, interest, inheritance, gifts, etc.

Submit proof of the type of payment and the amount.

Also submit proof of when you received the payment.

Enrollment / Change of school

Has your child changed schools or is he or she starting school?
  • Submit a copy of proof to the new school (e.g. school certificate).

Change of marital status / change of name

Did you get married or divorced?
  • Submit a copy of proof of the change (e.g., marriage certificate, divorce decree).

Health insurance

Do you have a new health insurance company?
  • Submit proof to the new health insurance company (e.g. copy of membership certificate).

You can report changes online here.

Have there been any changes in your accommodations (e.g., room, apartment, house)? E.G.: Rent increased, change in service charges, etc.
  • Submit a copy of proof of the nature and date of the change.


Are you pregnant?
  • Submit a copy of your maternity passport. Make sure that the expected date of delivery is indicated.
  • Submit the completely filled in and signed attachment UH2

You can also find information on initial equipment during pregnancy and birth here.

Special diet

Do you need a special diet for health or medical reasons?

In certain cases, additional requirements may be granted.

For this purpose, please submit the MEB annex. This must be completed and signed by your doctor. Additional evidence may be required.

Application for other social benefits.

Have you applied for benefits from other authorities, e.g. housing benefit, child benefit, child supplement, unemployment benefit ...?

Submit proof of the application or a copy of the decision.

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