You want to move to a new apartment? Please inform the Jobcenter about this in good time.

Costs associated with the move can only be recognized as a need with prior assurance. This also includes a loan for a rent deposit or cooperative shares.

You can find the application for confirmation of the move here.


The rent offer for the new apartment must be submitted to the benefits department for review before signing.

The job center will then check whether the costs can be covered and are within the rent limits.

An assurance is given if the move is necessary and the new rental costs are reasonable. Therefore, please inform us of the reasons for your move.

When may relocation be necessary?

  • Termination of the previous apartment by the landlord
  • Excessive rental costs
  • Termination of homelessness

The list is not exhaustive.

Here you will find all important information about a planned change of residence at a glance.

Please feel free to ask the benefits department for more information about moving.

Please also pay attention to your notice period.

A double rent payment, i.e. simultaneous rent for the old and the new apartment, is generally not covered by the Jobcenter.

In what amount are relocation costs covered?

A move must be self-organized and carried out as inexpensively as possible. In doing so, all possibilities (including the help of relatives, acquaintances, friends, etc.) are to be used.

If a move cannot be carried out by oneself for important reasons, the costs for renting a transporter or the costs for a moving company can be applied for.

Proof of necessity must be provided. At least three estimates must be provided.

Are you moving from another district or another independent city to the district of Constance? Then the institution there is responsible for granting relocation costs.

Moving out of the parental home

Are you under 25, unmarried and childless?

Then moving out is generally not possible - except in absolutely exceptional cases.

People under the age of 25 will only be reimbursed for the costs of their own accommodation if the job center has agreed to the move-out.

You can obtain this approval from the benefits department.

The assurance must be applied for in writing, informally and justified. The reasons must be proven.

You will receive the consent if

  • There are serious social reasons why you should not stay at home, or
  • you have to move for further education or a job, or
  • there is a similarly serious reason.

If no assurance is given, no rental costs can be paid until the child reaches the age of 25.

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