Submit a request for one-time benefits

Sometimes there is a special need. Then you can apply for one-time benefits. There must be good reasons for this.

  • If you are moving into your own apartment for the first time. Then you may need furniture or your own household appliances (initial home equipment).
  • If you are pregnant (initial equipment for clothing, initial equipment for pregnancy and birth)
  • Purchase, repair or rent of medical equipment.

Initial equipment of the apartment / for clothing:

Please list in the application what furnishings/clothing items you need. Explain for what reasons the items are needed. Is it a new or replacement purchase?

Make a request

Initial equipment during pregnancy and birth:

Submit a copy of your maternity passport to the job center. The copy must show the calculated date of delivery.

There must be two applications to receive the full cash benefit.
  • First application: initial provision for pregnancy clothing, for household goods due to the birth and initial provision for baby clothing (from the 13th week of pregnancy).
  • Second application: initial equipment for baby-u nd infant clothing (7th to 12th month of life). The second application you can make at the earliest from the 4th month of life of the child.
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